New Application for Kayaks


You can mount your Rig & Run to the side of a storage crate to hold a spare rod. The rod is held low and parallel to the boat, which keeps the rod  out of the way while casting. To mount, fold the top of the Rig & Run over the crate and secure the top loop  to the crate using a cable tie.



The Scud Factor


Rainbow trout with Buzzcut Scud


 “The Scud Factor”

Dennis McKinney

            On a shallow shoreline on the far side of a mountain reservoir, overstuffed trout cruise by in the deep blue water beyond the weed line. Swimming slowly, the trout shop the edge of the weeds for edibles, inspecting all prospects carefully before committing, staying low, and never revealing their whereabouts with a telltale rise. Most are rainbows; a few are Snake River cutthroats – all are well fed.

I can not see them from where I wade near shore but I know they are there because occasionally one of them mistakes my fly for the real thing. Sometimes I land the trout and release it and sometimes the trout releases itself in the air over the weeds. Either way is all right with me. The biggest thrill is in the take, that single moment when science and skill come together and a homemade fly becomes trout food.

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Brown-Hackle Peacock


  • Hook: Size 12 to 16, 2x long nymph hook
  • Thread: 6/0 black
  • Tail: brown saddle hackle or mallard flank
  • Body: Peacock herl
  • Hackle: Brown saddle hackle
  • Wing: Mallard flank



Fish it dry, fish it wet, or fish as an emerger, the DMc Brown Hackle Peacock, along with my Buzzcut Scud,  live at the top of my freshwater nymph box. When trout are taking emerging nymphs just below the surface, whether they are mayflies, midges or caddis, this is the fly that you want.

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